I have always loved arts and craftS. For as long as I can remember I’ve had some kind of project going. My first memory would probably be making clothespin ornaments with my mom, or painting hollowed out eggs and baked dough figures with my best friend Joan. I still have a few of those priceless items, but my crafting today is quite a bit more elaborate than it was in 7th grade. Thank goodness!I will start by saying that I absolutely, unequivocally, LOVE Christmas, as well as Halloween and any other holiday where decorating is “mandatory”.  As a result, I almost always create something new each year, such as a ginormous centerpiece, a mantle garland loaded with ornaments and poinsettias, or wreaths for every door, nook and cranny.  I would also say my ornaments of late look even more antiquated than ye olden days, with old family photos and scraps of leftover materials from my many previous projects. I was a stay-at-home mom during the ‘90s when I began crafting jewelry, flip flops, and belt buckles-the Bedazzler days. LoL! Years later, thanks to my friend Debbie, who owns a fabulous little boutique here in Wellington, FL, I got back into making belt buckles. With the return of pearl jewelry and the booming fashion statement of “a little tuck of the shirt” in front, I became enamored with belt buckles… and not just buckles like everyone else had. I was on a quest to make something really fun, blingy, and different. So with the constant encouragement of my husband and family, Beth’s Buckles has grown into something much bigger than I originally anticipated. As I said, I love doing arts and crafts…I highly recommend it to everyone! It’s fun, it’s therapeutic, and in the end you’ve created something special for yourself or for others. As for me, a recent empty nester, I am exceedingly grateful to have this opportunity to craft belt buckles. Only God knows how long it will last, but I will enjoy each and every moment for sure. Thank you very much for visiting my website…I hope you find what you’re looking for! Beth

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